orientation day

On the 9th of December me and jack leury had our orientation at our high school Alphington grat mar school I woke up at 7:00 and got dressed jacks mum Tina offered to give me and jack a lift to the school. When I got there I went inside put my bag down and went outside I saw someone that I had recognised before. I started playing soccer with  some of the boys  they are jaffra Harrison Arthur Johnno Rohan albert peter Luca Michael Jayden, Hayden and a couple of girls too. When the bell went we went inside and did maths for the first period after Maths we had English me and Harrison made some funny jokes while everyone else was laughing . after English we had recess we played soocer just the year sevens we played in the squares I got jack and jaffra out after the bell went we had a double period which was p.e but the thing is though is that it wasn’t exactly p.e it was just learning the rules in the gym and in the classroom and stuff then we had drama then it was lunch time we played soccer but this time it was year sevens vs year eights I scored two goals but we still lost 5-7 then we called haif time then when that was over we went back in to the game and we played the second half i scored another  two goals witch meant I had scored four goals for us we were winning but then the year eights came back by one goal then the bell rang we went back inside then we had I.T we got our I pads  and we made our  login and student email and we looked at the different types of things you can do for i.t then we had science we did a experiment on what would happen if we put black tape over a thermometer and see if gets hotter in the sun I worked with jayden we found out that some had different results and some didn’t then the bell rang to go home me and jack waited for his mum then we got in then she said we had to go pick his sister then I got dropped of at my house the end.

100 wc week 15

as i woke up today is Christmas i ran down stairs like flash i was very nervous to see what i got today for Christmas  i saw presents wrapped in red green and other coulers i heard a strange noise i opened the to find my mom making cookies she said she wants to celebrate Christmas by making cookies and cake she said at 4:30 everyone is coming over today to have dinner i asked what she was making she said for dinner? yes i said she said lamb with vestibules at 4:35 everyone came through the door we all ate and had a good time the end

100 word challenge week#14

as i stopped walking i was shocked! to see a large ship stuck in the cold freezing ice i ran up to it there was icicles sticking of it ouch! i said as i had cut my hand on the sharp point of the icicle i opened my back pack lucky i packed a couple of bandages i patched my self up and went closer to the ship i saw men stuck on the other side of the door i need help i called my buddies back at the ice camp were they were drilling for ice i asked if they could bring men to come help he said they were already dispatching men to the rescue as they arrived i helped them open the door they managed to ply the door open when they got out they took them back to the camp THE END.

Camp recount


I couldn’t believe it today is the day that we are leaving for camp I woke up at around 5:15 by my alarm I went to get dressed and eat breakfast. After I got ready I headed of at 6:50 as me and my mum walked there we saw everyone talking waiting teachers said we had to wait a bit more after we got on the bus I was with my friend James we talked listened to music and drew we had lots of fun on the bus we watched jimmy neutron after nine hours we got to camp we got our bags and headed to lee to see who was with who I was with jack devlin and bailey we put our bags aside put our sheets on and un rolled our sleeping bags after an hour we had dinner it was chicken schnitzel yum with veges after dinner we had desert it was angus’s birthday we wished him a happy birth day and had cake but I didn’t have cake because I felt sick after desert we went back to our cabins our cabin had to swap with Thomas rusles cabin because of medicine and all that on Tuesday we went to parliament and swimming on Wednesday  we went to new parliament on Thursday we went to csiro and ais and on fr4iday we packed up and went home the end