It all began on a wet summer day when the sky was grey and the air was black as I got out of bed I went to brush my teeth I turned on the taps but no water had come out well I guess I can’t brush my teeth today I walked down stairs to the kitchen to have some breakfast I went to grab the milk for my cereal but then I heard crash bang like a explosion I ran to the window and peeped through to see what was going on I was dust and gravel going every were  I knew I had to leave I ran upstairs to grab my backpack I put my things in clothes food things I need then I ran out the back door  I got in my car and drove of as I looked in my mirror I saw lava flowing down the great mountain I heard people shouting and screaming  I drove forward I had to go to my new house in Florida I saw an exit sign that said Florida turn right I made a hard right and went through the exit as I went through a town I saw people walking they all saw what was happening I drove through the town and went left as I turned on the news station I heard a news flash ( be advised all people in down town las Angeles have to evacuate immediately reports showing a volcano has erupted please evacua but then I heard nothing but  people talking to each other about what’s happening my house wasn’t to far as  I kept listening to the radio I heard them saying an explosion had gone ofi saw my house I drove in my garage and went inside I hope this ends soon.