my 12th birthday

on the 13th of Augast 2014 it was my birthday today i am 12 years old it started with me waking up and getting ready for school as i walked to school i brang in some treats they were cupcakes as i walked up stairs students were already wishing me a happy birthday. i headed on inside i greeted everyone  put my things down and went to play outside after the bell rang we headed in side and started to work after it was recess we played and ate and talked after an hour we went back inside did some more work then lunch we played soccer we won we went back in side did some work on a power point finished it of then we went and played some games when the bell rang i ran home as fast as i could like flash i opened the door put my things down and went to karate i came back i was wished a happy birthday given presents talked  played games and after went to bed the end

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