veladictorian speech

Good evening all students’ parents and teachers this evening I will be presenting my valedictorian speech. On the first day of school when everyone arrives including yourself you attend to feel shy and nervous I know I was meeting everyone for the first time. It might be a little frighting. when I first came to this school i did not know anything about this school but later on i did i began to get used to going to school Later on when we get used to getting ready to go to school we were used to our regular prep we used to do lots of fun activities for example on Friday we had Friday fun that was great drawing writing building all types of fun activates  After a couple of years we start to get a bit more mature and friendly in grade 1/2  we had lots of fun we had our sleep over our trip to science works  that was a fun time we also had our sausage sizzle like we do at the end of every year and much more. Once you get to grade 3/4 there’s no turning back your trying to push yourself even further to master your potential in your work  And there’s lots of homework .we had our camps to sovereign  hill and more Now once were in 5/6 there is so much to do we have our camps excursions and much more we had our school discos met challenge class masters trip to the shrine our whole school pick nick and way more other cool activates and excursions that was a blast hanging out with friends walking chatting  it was a good time hanging out with everyone playing eating dancing or singing but at the end of the day school comes first using our values and collaboration hanging out with friends and doing your work while still  having fun and that is one thing that I will never forgot and neither should you thank you and have a nice evening and good luck year 6 students