POEMS by Imran Kanjo


1 spring

I love the spring for every day there’s something new that comes to stay another bud, another bird, another blade the sun has stirred

2 Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon had no speech to make. She never said a word.  While I viewed her matchless glory I was startled by a bird. It came flying down, tumbling through the air. And stopped beside me there and sang the sweetest little song that I wanted you to hear.

3 Another Grand Canyon Poem

I look to the depths far, far below the crevasse that canyons formed long ago. Two twisting tails, ledges, steep winding rivers with pools so deep under the gaze a wontons throne a river of scarlet high above the temple of Vishnu

4 Time and a river flowing, a river flowing free. From snowy mountain summits to a balmy tropic sea. The Colorado River, a river running free. It carved a stupendous canyon, for the entire world to see. Six million winter snow falls, the snowflakes falling free. Six million years of spring melts rushed to meet the sea.

100 word challenge

but its the last one he said what do you mean last one well its the last one how is it the last one it  to more said on the map that there was at least two more crystal eggs left but how could that be i dont know it must be wrong well we should keep looking for it anyway ok well lets go how about over there is that it no the eggs look like a crystal not a rock wait look over there what is it its the eggs get them and lets go home to sell them