*Bam* I heard gun shots fire at me, I dodged them. I ran so fast that I could not stop; I went straight into a wall. As I lifted my face of the wall I saw two shadows on the ground I knew it was them, the gun men. I turned and tried to dodge them but I could not I got hit I got knocked out. When I woke up I went outside I saw lots of guards and people, that’s when I saw a door that went outside. I ran for it I must have triggered an alarm because I heard one of the guards coming. I saw a house and ran in and I hid in there, I waited a bit and after a while I left, I was free I ran home I hope this never happens again.

100 word challenge week 38#

It’s too hot to go to the beach I said but well go in the cold water mum said no its still going to be hot besides its nice and cool in hear any way I said no were going to the beach and that’s it she said and slammed the door behind her why do I have to go I said I mean I don’t have to nah I’ll go and see if it is really cool ok were hear its really hot mum said get in the water now she said I got in this is the best day ever

BTN term 2 reality TV

People are asking if reality TV is close to reality but people enter some contest to win prizes but you don’t always need prizes but others just like to be mean but if you edit something good it won’t be bad but they just want to make but doing it could change your life so think about what is right and what is not right

BTN term 2 brazil prifile

Brazil folks are protesting that they don’t want the world cup or want nothing to do with but others are saying that soccer is our home sport but others are saying they did not want the world cup. The  Brazil government spent over 11 billion dollars on the world cup but others said it should of gone to schools and other things


our body has five litters of blood and if we don’t have much blood then you can die people give blood donations to help others but some doctors don’t know is that if there taking your blood away they might be putting you at risk because the amount of blood there taking from you that’s why doctors should ask you first before you can donate blood

100 word challenge week 37

but that’s what happens in Brazil they always host the world cup but this year they did not want the world cup it was forced on them Brazil had a really big argument about them and not wanting the world cup but they said its not your choice but Brazil still said no to it again but they said that Brazil might host it next year Brazil said that they will only host it for this year and that is but the government said no they host it for next year to and Brazil finally said yes to the offer

100 word challenge week 36

As I walked through the gate i saw a really big caramel egg I didn’t know where it came from I stared at it I wailed away I heard a noise I turned around I saw it stop as I turned round again and then I heard it again what is that I said it can’t be the egg I went to the egg I knocked on its hard shell it cracked  I hit it again and again but then it didn’t break i ran away but then it moved ran after me I stopped I kicked it it broke wow I said that was close

Island fight 2014

7 different country’s are fighting over islands they all think that the islands are theres but they all want what’s under them some have oil/gasses  witch means they want the money but when they started they had a big fight in the eighty’s they had a big fight two decide who can have it but it went to  chaos by the time it was over they all split it

BTN Electric cars

electric cars have been around for more than 100 years and people were up to them in the olden days but then when they discovered engines you didn’t need them any more but people are starting to complain that the gas fumes from an engine is not good  for us witch it is the carbon dioxide has a really bad smell and you shouldn’t be breathing it in so that is why we should go back to electric cars.