goverment letter

hello my name is imran and im going to talk to you about fruit fly s  fruit fly s are pest they can get in your food with out you even knowing about it and when you do its not a pretty site if you eat a piece of fruit that bit by a fruit fly you cant eat it because its inedible that is why fruit flys are a pest and dangerous


Shark attacks are really rare quite rare there government are wanting to put up lines in the bay so no sharks can come through they called shark culling locals at beaches say they have seen lots of sharks out in the water and do not feel safe they also said that a man was seen bitten by a shark the government say there is nothing they can do but put out the lines even know were  feard of sharks doesn’t mean they aren’t  afraid from us the only reason why sharks attack is because they think we are a predators  and they think well hurt them so that is what I think of shark culling

SCIENCE PRAC REPORT packing pallets

date 22/5/14

aim: to see what happens to the packing palets in water

materials: packing pallets hot water or cold water

method: the method i am going to use is to put the packing pallets in the cold water and see what happens.


PRAK report


results when i dropped them in they were the same as i waited they still had not changed after a while we realised that if you put hot water then it will desolve

discussion me and my partner gavan discussed that when you put them in cold water they dont desolve but in hot water they do desolve

conclusion when i put them in the hot water they desolved and you could see bubbles and steam rising

100 word challenge week 34

…but where could I go… maybe Australia very nice there some good weather there yeah I will go there ill go canoeing and surfing. 2 hours later  at the airport I need to get my tickets and put my bags on the conveyor belt ok as I walked up to  the desk I see a lady I say hello I said hello, she said back where are you of to she said Australia I said. have, a good flight she said thank you, I said 1 hour later yay im hear woo hoo I made it this the best trip ever 

the great escape


As I peeped through the bars I saw lots of orange, I should not be hear I said I have to get out I have to escape but how, as I thought I said what if I break the bars with something but what I said as I looked around,  I saw nothing but there a metal piece of bar if I use that then I can escape but, before I did I heard a man say dinner time, as I peeped through again I saw more men wereing orange jackets and a police officer as I walked along the isle I said I can escape after dinner,  I can run through the doors as I had finished I crept away. I ran. An officer followed, “stop!” he yelled. As I kept running I burst through the doors but, when I was out side there were no officers. So I kept on running. I lost the officer, ” I’m free” I thought. I ran home to me my mother,”where  have you been?” she asked, “I was out with some friends”.” Ok, good night” she said.” Good night” I said. I do not want this to happen ever again i told my self.

maths mate term 2 week 22 sheet 4

Prediction: i predict this question is going  about breaking the problem down.

Read: read it carefully

The Big question: how much do you have to pay

Mathematicians Toolbox: the strategy that im going to use is to break it down.

Solving: 6 divided by 2 equals 3 and that  $15.

Conclusion: i think my prediction went well.

100 word challenge

Lucy is a girl that doesn’t go to school but if you don’t go to school then you won’t have a good education or you won’t be able to get a job school is the most important thing if you don’t go to school then won’t you make any friends or play with your friends,. School is really fun because you can learn but have fun at the same time you should enjoy school because it may not be around for ever so you should live life to the fullest and never give up in your dreams

maths mate question 22


Prediction: I predict this is going to about breaking the problem down

Clarify: read the question carefully

Question:  how much money do you have to pay

Mathematicians:  the strategy I am going to use is to break it down

Look at the problem you divide 150 by 4 which is 6 and then divide 6 by 2 which is 3 and then that’s the answer

Conclution: I think I went with my prediction and my answer .


How could I possibly go on something was preventing me from playing soccer I love soccer. And no one is going to stop me! I’ll go play it right now. Huh! I can’t move Help I yelled my friends came to help they tried to get me free  but I wouldn’t  budge I called my friend zack to get me free he has super human powers  he came and got me unstuck he had got me free in no time .


As I went to go play again I froze again I called zack again he got me unstuck he said don’t move ill be right back as he took of as I waited he came back he said you can play now as I went to play footy I froze again I called and he said I know who it is he sped of as he came back to me he said I took care of the problem thanks zack I said no worries THE END