100 word challenge


But when see lifted the lid she screamed as there was a dead spider in there she quickly ran to her mum and told her mum, there’s a spider in my lunch box wears your lunch box, she asked over there by the ledge  ok bring it hear ok hear you go ok lets see what we have hear gee would you look at that its dead well  lets take it out and wash it with soap ok shhh mum whats that in over there in that tub why, its black ok ill check no theres nothing there ok few


Dear liz

If I was in your class  I would  bring all my home work in on time.

I would  have a go in things I do not know

I can be nice to others around the class room

I would not talk back to the teacher or shout from across the room

I could always have an opinion

I will not hurt others

I shall always be nice

I will always help others

I will not be mean or use sarcasm

I may get distracted

Sincerely Imran(: