csi vs reality

Csi vs reality

Television shows such ad csi are very different to real life laboratory’s  the lights in a csi  show are dim dark and cool blue whereas in reality the lights are bright with as much light as possible csi uses strong and exact words such as  match to describe evidence but in reality they use words such as similar to to describe evidence.  Csi use hair samples to find the culprit or suspect hair samples are usefull to find dna and more for eg one piece of hair could do the trick to get your match or culprit.

Dna samples can be used to find the suspect/culprit   for instance hair samples are great for dna because you can use them to find the suspect.  Not as conclusive csi and reality are different  because the show is not real but some of it is  the lights and  some effects are real  and some aren’t.