body projects


Muscular system

By ignacia ore and alex

The cardiac muscle is controlled by hormones

If you don’t have muscles you wont be able to  move

We have 42 or less muscles in our face

The lymphatic system

By devlin Eleanor and eamon

It helps us to stop dieses

If your tonsils are to big you have to get them out

Your lymphatic system is all around your body

Circulatory system

By ece   theo and afrah

Blood takes 2 seconds to travel around your body

The circulatory has to big orgons the heart

If you cut a vein dark red blood will come out


Skeletal system

By jack Chloe and bryne

Your bones are protected by layers

If you eat calcium your bones will get stronger

Urinary system

By tommy shakira  and Isabel

Uren is a waste

It flows from the kidneys

It comes from the glaw bladder and that is were it is stored


The nervous system

By lily Matthias and Zoë

In your body there are blue and red cells but mainly blue

The brain is the king of nerves because it tells your body what to do

You can’t survive without your nervous system

And to take care of your spine you can’t survive without your spinal cord

If you break your spinal cord you won’t be able to move or survive

Digestive system

By Eden Ella and Julian

Oesophagus   transfers food to your stomach

The liver sits under your belly

The pancreas helps digest food

A bad dieses you can get is diabetes

The respiratory system

By baley and Thomas

Smoking is not good for the lungs

Doctors might make lungs from a 3d printer

You can get cancer from smoking